Areas of specialization

Wide range of services to meet all your needs: technical translation services, sworn translations, language consultancy, adaptation of texts, creation and maintenance of translation memories and multilingual glossaries.
Technology and IT

The localization of software and web sites is one of our areas of speciality. We have the tools required to provide an agile service offering that is tailored to the particular needs of our customers.

Some them are: 


Cicloturisme i Medi Ambient


Ecocork Tapón Natural

Vinico Servicios de Embotellado






For the translation of advertising texts, translators need to have a sound know-ledge of the target language mechanisms.

The translation of a word is not the established by its meanings, and texts often need to be rewritten.

If you want your message to arrive with all its strength, trust the translation to a professional translator.

We have worked in this field promoting pharmaceutical products, banking services, or fashion events, to name just a few. 




The keys to translating scientific texts are terminology and documentation, but the translation must also master the registers of language and be able to adapt the text for its dissemination.

We have worked in the fields of pharmaceutics, medicine, biology, agriculture, and chemistry.


Some of our clients were: Institut de Recerca de l'Aigua (ICRA), Universitat de Girona and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.



Public administration

​We know the nomenclature in public administration and, in particular, of European projects. We have a good command of legal and administrative translation, and have provided translation services to the Translation Center for the Bodies of the European Union.

Among our clients are Ajuntament de Girona (Environment Department and Economic and Social Council).


Performing arts

La Banda del Surdo

Els Berros de la Cort


Mal Pelo

L'Animal a l'Esquena

Turism and gastronomy

Ajuntament de Banyoles

Cicloturisme i Medi Ambient